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Content Ideas For Blogging 101 – Use Search Terms With a Handy WP Widget

How many times have you gotten stuck on trying to find a topic to blog about? I found something recently that may help you find some content ideas for blogging:

My web design partner, Scott Schang, installed a widget called “JetPack”  to all my blogs this past spring. This widget not only allows you to track your site analytics which makes it oh, so much more fun to blog, knowing how many people are reading your blog and where they are coming from, but also what search terms people used to find your site.

Here is a screen shot of how the analytics show up: You can see overall visits to your site, see the referring search engines and social media sites, etc.

Jetpack site analytics


Once you click on the search terms, you can see what exactly people are typing into Google to find you. I found gold on this a few weeks ago when I started realizing MANY people were searching for information about living on the Big Island of Hawaii. (This was a key find for my blogging strategy for my real estate client, as well)

I started to use the search term “Living on the Big Island of Hawaii”  in my headlines and created some posts around that concept and my views have skyrocketed. From that, I was able to start offering online ads, too!

Today, I was checking the search terms and found one that I particularly thought was funny, “Why don’t many people live on the Big Island?”.



I know why, because we have so much agriculturally zoned land here that there is a dearth of land available to develop for housing. I just wanted to answer that question. So, I did a fact laden, but heavily opinionated post called “5 Reasons Many People Don’t Live on the Big Island of Hawaii”. I have received over 195 hits in the past two hours, with many of those then going on to find my other blog posts on similar topics.

Find what people are searching for, hone your content in on that need and add a flair of your own thoughts and knowledge and voila, you can watch your traffic soar.

If you would like to have our web team create a website for you using JetPack and social features to amplify your blog post’s life, contact me at

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