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How To Add an Admin To Your Facebook Business Page

When creating a business page on Facebook, sometimes you need to add an admin who is helping to create content for you, such as a social media manager or a social media consultant.

Personally, I manage about five different Facebook business pages for my clients. This morning as I was helping a friend with his new business page, “Latin America Education”, I noticed that Facebook has changed the rules again.

Instead of having to be “friends” with the person you want to have admin your page on Facebook, you just need their email address. This is good in the sense that I had to be friends with my clients before I could help them…I hope they are enjoying my posts about Hawaii..;-) Now your admins or clients don’t need to be THAT close to you! Here are the photos showing you how its done.

Let me know if you have any questions or if you need help managing the content on your page!


Make me an admin1





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