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Light Your Business on FIRE!


Fire up your business by having a website with a blog.

When I meet with my clients about digital marketing the first thing I look at is their website and if they are consistently able to add new content to their site by having a blog, either because their site was built on WordPress or if they have one connected to it like

Having a blog, even if you can only post to it once a month, helps Google bring your information up higher in search results because you are producing fresh content, which Google LOVES. You can “fire it up” on Google by being the expert regarding your niche when you keep putting out new, useful and interesting content.

Many of my clients say, “I don’t know how to write well, especially for the web”. Of course, I then say I can offer this service to them, but if they want to do it themselves, I discuss some basics of blogging.  I have shared the information below enough times that I wanted to create a blog post, so I can share it with you, but also so I can give it to my clients easily..which is ANOTHER reason why blogging can share information that you have to repeatedly give to others quickly and easily using a weblink. This allows them to share your information with others, as well.

Blogging Basics

1.   Hyperlink your targeted keywords in the copy to related pages (link love is a good thing).

(i.e. how I connected the AssureClose blog to this blog)

2.   Ensure the permalink is no more than 4-5 words and is unique to the post title. It makes sharing short links easier, especially when promoting your post on Twitter.

(i.e. what I did for this post: ‎)

4.   Use bullet points  or numeration and a complimentary image to create whitespace to allow the readers eyes to rest, thus avoiding the dreaded “wall of words”! Plus, images make a post more interesting!

(I took the image from a campfire I built and it gave me the idea for the blog title) 

5.   Close with a strong call to action and solicit comments from your readers.

Let’s explain all of this further:

1.   If you are referencing something from a prior blog post, put the link to that prior blog post in there.

2.   If you are referencing something from SOMEONE else’s blog, or a news site, include the link so they can go to the original article to get more info.

3.   Call to action! Does you website strongly motivate people to do something? Or do your visitors simply visit and leave? If you want a successful business it’s simply not enough to drive traffic to your website, or get eyeballs on your posts and listings. You need them to do something, to act! A call to action is words or phrases which encourage your audience to take action. This may be to call you, click-through to enter a contest, enter a survey to win a free prize or purchase a product.

Got it? If you need more help, I am available for phone consulting or in person training, so call me or text me at 808-854-6769 or email me at

(See what I did there? CALL TO ACTION!)

If you have a website/blog you would like for me to assess for free, leave it in the comments!

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