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2014 Prediction: Video and Photos Will Rock Content Marketing

Do you use the video and photo capabilities of your smartphone to create online content?

MagicSandsVideoIf you are a marketer or small business owner creating your own marketing, your smart phone’s capabilities paired with your passion to share your story/ideas through video have never been greater. These elements are key in creating content marketing that will capture and captivate your audience in 2014.

I created a short video from my iPhone which I shared on my 365 Things to Do in Kona Facebook page this week showing beach erosion and received 2700 views with many shares. One of my favorite restaurants, Java on the Rock, had a wave crash into the wall last week and someone caught it on their smart phone and shared it with the staff who then posted it on Facebook and had almost 400 people share the photo. Picking up your smart phone and telling a quick story using video and/or photos has never had such a large impact than now with JOTRWavethe capability of people sharing on social networks. Don’t you enjoy sharing a compelling video or photo online?

Knowing the power of online content and video, my husband and I recently created our own YouTube channel, “Untamed Hawaii” as a way to entertain, inform and engage people who want to take adventures on the Big Island of Hawaii with our tour company. We are honing our talents using the power of story telling through video and providing people with information about cool places on the island, while also providing information about how they can reach us. This kind of marketing will be key in 2014 as more people devour content on their mobile phones and want to share what they find through social networks. You may not want to host your own webisodes, but how about FAQ’s about your product?

Video content consistently outperforms text based content.

WhyBlog?According to a post and a fantastic info graphic on SocialMedia Today, video content consistently outperforms blogs and other text-based content in your content marketing cache. (As you can see from the stats, however, blogging of ANY sort puts you in front of your competition!) Pinterest boards now generate more revenue for retailers than tweets or Facebook posts. One study shows the retention rate for visual information can reach 65% versus 10% for text-based information. It’s hardly surprising, then, that visual media will grab more attention in the coming year. New platforms like Vine and SnapChat create new channels for micro-videos, which only take a few seconds but can have a big impact on a company’s reach.

Here’s what Venture Beat had to say about their predictions for online video in 2014..and here are the two I pulled out to your attention:

Video will be the GIF of 2014

We’ll start to see video used as a media asset intertwined with the rest of the web storytelling experience as opposed to a standalone story in a box. Video clips will replace still images across the web and be linked together, providing each viewer with a personalized experience.

Videos will become the primary shopping vehicles for tablet users around the world

Shoppable videos will be used more frequently for mobile sales – especially on tablets. If the trend from Cyber Monday’s mobile sales has anything to say about it (17 percent of which came from mobile devices), we’ll be seeing more and more mobile shopping n 2014 – and forward-thinking companies will use shoppable video to increase sales. Check out this shoppable video from Levi’s..the story and images tell a story around the product.

Facebook as the new theater

Now that Facebook is encouraging more video usage, aka, they are rolling out new video ads, they are making it even easier to upload video from your smartphone to your business pages and personal pages. Why not use this opportunity to get creative to inform, engage and entertain your clients or potential clients? Or shoot video to upload to your own YouTube channel and share the links through social media and even your email marketing?

Take 2014 by the horns and get your video on!

If you want a list of content marketing ideas for your own business, drop me a line at Julie at Ziemelis dot com!

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