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It’s Not Always About What You Know-Connecting People Can Mean Gold

You’ve heard that old adage, “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know that matters”, right? In my quest for knowledge about digital marketing for real estate and small businesses, I have traveled to dozens of conferences all over the country. I have gleaned information from presentations from some of the top thought leaders […]

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Big Data Is Treasure Trove For Marketing

I had the opportunity to attend the T3Summit in Las Vegas last week, which discussed trends, technology and thought. Although the conference leaned towards real estate, discussions ranged from success principles, to technology trends and even to space travel. One of the concepts discussed was “big data”. Technically, “Big Data” is any data that lives […]

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Whitney Houston-A Lesson In Girl Power

Watching the eulogies and remembrances of celebrities and friends at Whitney Houston’s memorial service today showed me once again, that although Whitney was a “star”, she was just a woman, wondering if she looked good enough, sang good enough and deserved all the accolades hoisted upon her. I remember the first time I heard and […]

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