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Change It UP..Alter Your Routine and RE-Energize Your Biz and Life

BackBendonBall I understood the concept of “bleary eyed” this morning when I got up at 5:15 am.  I drove myself as quickly as I could to The Club in Kona…skipping my usual coffee to partake in a new fitness class with a group of women who were willing to change it up. We hoisted bar bells and kettle bells..did planks and step ups. The whole time I kept thinking of why I got there.

I had heard some fitness coaches in the locker room talking about the perils of sticking with routine. They pointed out that if you keep doing the same thing over and over, you only build up a few key muscles…but by changing your routine, you force your body to use muscles and ligaments now that will help prevent injury in the future. I am always a quick WorkingOutstudy of people who know of whence they speak! I realized that since my TRX coach left the gym, that I had been in the same routine for months. Doing ok..but not great…trying a few new things, but not really. Then I saw a group of people going through circuit training that had at least 8 different stations. Although, I knew it would throw my routine off, (and challenge me!) I had to sign up and give it a try.  Why? Those fitness instructors knew about what complacency does to a body, but I also had been to a brain seminar recently, that also spoke of the fact that we lose the new brain cells we grow when we don’t use them. You create new synapses in your brain by having to learn something new.  Boom.

The women who showed up today at 6 am were of a similar mindset and the cool thing was, two of them I knew from my 365 blog. I solidified those two new connections and I hope to turn them into friends. I also met six other women whom I will share this crazy adventure with over the next few months at the crack of dawn. I need to increase my sphere of influence and here I was doing it,.one push up at a time. Sweating.

KonaCoffeeAndTeaSince I had changed my routine, I also had a chance to visit a new coffee place, too! I went to the newly opened Kona Coffee and Tea, spoke to the owner, took some photos for my 365 Things to Do in Kona blog and talked story with them for a bit.  We talked about my husband’s new business venture and I had a complete stranger come up and say he was interested in learning more about my husband’s business and I gave him his web address.

So much newness and change of routine by 7:30 am!

The energized feeling stayed with me all day.

How does this relate to business? First of all, you need to meet people face to face in order to create relationships. Pure and simple. Changing your routine gives you a chance to meet new people and have new experiences. Learning something that is new for everyone in a group setting increases that feeling of being part of a team. Joining an organization, volunteering for an event, signing up for a do something good for yourself and you increase your ability to network with people you would otherwise would not have met…and don’t forget about forging those new synapses! VolunteerIronManLEARN SOMETHING NEW!

I also went someplace different. The employees at my usual coffee jaunt know that I show up at 6:45 and order the same thing. Every Tuesday and Thursday. I like these people. But to see a new space, meet new employees, try new coffee and eat a new was great! I posted about it on my blog and at last count 930 people had seen it…doing something different gives Kismet a chance to work..the serendipity of finding new experiences and people that can ultimately change your life. (or offer you a job, become a client, refer you, or give you ideas for blogging, etc)

TeachingPhotoAppsI recently put on a training about how to use mobile photo apps and then we took a hike and photographed the Kona Cloud Forest. Those students were on a high of having learned something new and then being in a new environment to test those skills. They were energized!

It’s not New Year’s Eve. There are no resolutions here. Just think about how you can do something different..change it up..and you WILL be re-energized because you FOCUSED on making something new happen. It brings new energy. New energy brings new business. Really. Try it.


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3 Responses to Change It UP..Alter Your Routine and RE-Energize Your Biz and Life

  1. Andy Capelluto February 12, 2014 at 9:42 am #

    Thanks Julie, i’m inspired !

  2. Rosemary February 13, 2014 at 7:05 am #

    Love it! I’m not by nature a morning person so I think next week I’ll start off by visiting a local coffee shop and doing some planning there and maybe host a small group of agents to do some brainstorming for their business.

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