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Digital Marketing Basics For Realtors and Small Businesses

Mobile Technology for Real EstateWhen it comes to digital marketing, most Realtors and small business owners should know that they should be:

  • getting fresh content on their website
  • updating their Facebook pages and social channels
  • sending out emails to past clients

Beyond marketing your product (a new listing), you also need to be marketing yourself.

Here are some digital marketing basics to help you attract and nurture potential clients:

Your Website: Think of your website as the hub of your marketing activities and social channels and emails as the spokes. Your goal is drive people back to your website where they will find your product: listings for sale, events you are marketing, jewelry, etc. When you create content, which can be as simple as photos with a line of copy at the bottom, publish it to your website first. Keep in mind that Google loves fresh content for search engine optimization. DON’T OVERTHINK THE CONTENT or you will do nothing. Easiest thing to do:  People love photos. Take a photo and just tell a quick story around it. Let people see who you are, what you do and what insights you may offer. Make sure you tag the photos, so they come up in search. 

Newsletter: Take five of your short posts you created for your website and put them together for a monthly or even quarterly newsletter. I started doing this for my 365Kona blog and used photos and lead ins to some of my blog posts. When it was time to sell my book, “How To Move to Kona”, I had a good following of people who had signed up for my newsletter from my blog and Facebook page. Same thing with your listings. If you are offering something interesting and NOT “selling” all the time, you can slip in your listings/product and people don’t mind as long as it is surrounded with other kinds of informative/engaging content.

-Sharing on Social Channels: Everyone loves to see photos-on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, even Twitter. Let me suggest a website tool to change your life: . IFTTT stands for “If This Than That” The “recipes” you choose or create can be set up to link your social channels together. So, for instance, if you post something on Instagram, it automatically posts to Twitter and your Facebook page. (Remember to use hashtags: #YourCity #WhatYouSell #YourNiche #RealEstate #WhereThePhotoWasTaken) (You can even have Siri find your phone!)

You can also use a recipe that connects your Wordpress blog with your social channels (including LinkedIn). Of course, actually BEING there on social is important, so you need to check back on posts to see if anyone is responding to your posts, but having your personal photos, with your personal life is a LOT better than paying some autoposting company $300 a month to put up content that has nothing to do with you, your community or even the types of homes in the area. (I bring this up after devising a content marketing strategy for a real estate brokerage who had autoposts that suggested deer fencing, planting bulbs, etc and they were located in Hawaii.)

When you write a blog post, send out a newsletter email or chat about your lifestyle and listings on social, remember to bring the customer BACK TO YOUR WEBSITE. And make sure your contact info is easy to find, as well.

If you need assistance with ideas, a content calendar, an editor, or a coach who calls you to make sure you are creating content regularly, call me! 530-305-6872.




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