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Does Facebook Work For Business?

Business owners wonder about the time, energy, cost and effectiveness of using Facebook for business. There are two case studies that I want to share here that show two reasons why its worth having a Facebook business page.

1. Fan Lovin’

People like me, who are deemed “influencers” have a chance to give some lovin’ to businesses that offer an amazing experience. Many of us have blogs, Facebook pages, profiles, etc. We want to let others know about a fantastic experience. We can do this by using FB business pages, and we can also post our “raving fan” posts directly onto the business page of the place we love by linking our posts to the company’s FB page.

Here is the post I wrote on my Facebook business page linking it to Tommy Bahama’s.

And here is how it appears on Tommy’s page. (Fans that come to Tommy Bahama’s page see “SOCIAL PROOF” that what they are doing is being recognized by SOMEONE else..not them telling you about how great they are.) This is also a clever way to get more traffic back to your business page, as well.

2. Fan “Issues”

Look at the comment stream for the Altos Research page. One of their customers says he is getting spammed by their email and can’t get off of it. Within 45 MINUTES, on a SUNDAY, they responded and fixed the problem. Was he impressed and thankful? Does he have a great feeling about Altos after he found a place to ask for help and they responded so well? YES. This post, as some can see, looks negative, but actually it is great PR for the company, as well! They had someone with a problem leave a negative post on their wall. Did they remove it? Nope..they answered the problem publicly and left it there for others to  see their customer engagement. What do you think?



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