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Facebook Hell–Changes Galore!

I use this post title because I taught a Facebook for Real Estate class today and I realized that questions were coming up on the Facebook changes that were made THIS MORNING!  I took screen shots for this presentation up until LAST NIGHT to keep up with all the changes Facebook has been making on its privacy settings, how you see your business pages displayed on the left side of your page, and now with the ability of the public to “follow” your posts. (go into your privacy settings and click “Friends” (See pic)

I can see why my friends who taught Facebook live and tried to create how-to manuals, quit. You can’t keep up with it all. You’d be changing your presentation/book almost weekly. I am an avid user and monitor the changes constantly and even I am sometimes left wondering, “What the heck just happened to my page?”


(why the heck did they delete the video and link button from the personal profile page anyway?)




Here’s a new feature that looks like was just added TODAY: Business page recommendations! With the war going on between Facebook/Google+/LinkedIn, they are all trying to add features from the other social networking sites. Take this business page recommendation:

This new element should have people buzzing on Facebook this week! Ask your fans to leave a recommendation for your business page and it may enhance your appearance on your fans’ newsfeed!

So, if you came to my class today, I hope you got a great overview of the basics on understanding Facebook, how to use it, and how to be a unique, informative and inspiring soul without being a pushy salesperson.

I also gave everyone the link to a VERY helpful group of tech savvy people who will answer about any tech question you have. Join the group Tech Support for Real Estate Agents. I have published today’s presentation, with the changes Facebook made up until Sept. 13th..after that, all bets are off!

Business Page Insights

I found a very informative presentation on measuring consumer behavior on Facebook business pages that I think is worth a quick glance. We talked extensively about FB business pages today and this study/presentation is a good shot in the arm for those who wonder if it’s worth the effort.

My next class will be on Relationship Marketing. They can’t change the tools on THAT page!

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  1. Samara September 18, 2011 at 12:31 pm #

    Saved, I enjoy your site! 🙂

  2. Adriana February 24, 2012 at 7:47 am #

    thanks for share!

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