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Google+ Business Pages Have Launched-here’s how to get one and tips on making it ROCK!

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I was quite excited to learn that Google finally launched their Google+ Business pages. I figure the more places you can have your mug, your business name, your contact information, your blog links, etc, the better for getting found on the internet. And isn’t that one of the most important business goals EVER?

If you want to claim your business on Google+ simply go here.

Quick suggestions, since I spent about an hour figuring it all out:

1. Use a profile photo that was taken at least 20 feet away, or you are going to see nose hairs in your profile shot. If you click on the “photo tools” it takes you to a photo editing site (Picnik) and you can play around a bit with your photo.

2. Remember to include all of YOUR blog post links, web links, etc on the “Recommended” pages section on the right. This is a great place to get that extra Google juice of having back links.

3.  Put up a few pictures of who you are and what you represent. I posted some professional, some fun and a drawing my daughter did of an empowered woman!

4. You actually have some room to explain your value proposition and your background. However, I would suggest keeping it rather short and bringing people back to another place where you host a complete bio if they want to go that far. (which reminds me to put a link to my LinkedIn account!)

5. As with any other social network, the value is in the sharing, too! I have spent the last few months “encircling” some of my friends in the real estate industry and the social media industry here in Hawaii. As soon as more of my friends are on Google+, I will add them, as well. Even if you don’t have a bunch of friends using Google+ yet, it still shows up in an organic search for name and business..and that IS important to getting found!

If you want to see my Google+ business page up close, I invite you to check it out!  Remember, if you need help setting up a Google+ business page, Google profile,, and/or other pages to help you get found on the web, please contact me! I can help you write a bio, too!



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