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How Content Marketing Is the New Moneyball-REALLY?

Content Marketing MoneyballI was checking out Twitter tonight and one of the trending topics was “How Content Marketing Is the New Moneyball”….really? A trending topic? And the author states so much of the obvious in the post that went viral. 

1. Create insightful content. (You know the kind that people will actually read without  a bunch of keyword stuffing.)

2. “Drop all that heavy keyword marinating“-if you spend as much time trying to game Google and get optimized for search (which DOES have some merit) but focus on just creating good content, the eyeballs will follow.

3. Curate Your Content -Take the opportunity to market your content in various platforms like document sharing (docstoc, slideshare etc),social networking sites (facebook, tumblr, twitter, etc), and in the form of newsletters to drive more traffic.

This one is straight out of a how-to use social seminar-Blog at least 2 – 3 times per week and amplify your content through your content marketing ecosystem.

And we wonder why small business owners sometimes feel wiped out before they even begin with content marketing. I was paid to do content marketing for a small business owner this past spring and I spent 24 hours a week keeping up with three blogs, numerous social channels and creating a Facebook group for our target demographic. I don’t think the average business person can do this on their own unless they never sleep. I don’t always hawk hiring a professional, but in this case, the world is waking up to the fact that good old writing/vlogging/blogging, consistently and with passion is what works for marketing in the social age.  The next trending topic may be “My Marketing Talent Gets Paid When I Do” (Peeps like me take a holistic approach to the entire marketing strategy so we both win!)


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