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How “Hub and Spoke” Digital Marketing Works

I am working with a real estate firm in San Jose and I recently have implemented the “Hub and Spoke” concept for their digital marketing endeavors. A major goal of digital marketing is getting people to your website to see what you have for sale and selling it. Your website is the hub and your social channels are the spokes. You start by getting content on your website to bring eyeballs back through posting on social channels.

I wanted to show you, in the screen capture below how that works.

  1. Create interesting and compelling content for the blog on your website. The article that got this much interest discussed the local school district. The schools are tied to real estate. Content tip: Potential homebuyers who have kids will be looking for info about the local schools.
  2. Share the article on your FB business page and boost it. I spent $10 on the boost on the article and chose a 50 mile radius of San Jose for my target demographic, including the fans of the page. (We are also sharing the link on Twitter and on LinkedIn)
  3. Respond. We received a comment from a fan about knowing one of the teachers in the photograph. I responded back. (Yes, this is important) Facebook will organically spread your post to a wider audience when you get engagement on your posts. Comments get more Facebook “love spread” than do likes, and if you can start a conversation on your posts, that is gold.  As an aside, I like and respond to each and every comment on my “365 Things to Do in Kona” page and am now getting over 200 likes on the posts due to Facebook organically boosting my posts.
  4. Track. I suggested installing the JetPack plug in on my client’s website so we can track how many people are clicking through and reading the content. JetPack also tells you where the traffic is coming from, so you can see the effectiveness of your social buy. You can also start to analyze which content is finding an audience so you can focus your content creation efforts.

This is how JetPack displays how effective your marketing efforts are on the backend of your WordPress website.

If you would like help in creating a game plan for your own digital marketing efforts, please contact me!



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2 Responses to How “Hub and Spoke” Digital Marketing Works

  1. Patty Cervenka July 13, 2017 at 5:04 pm #

    Hi Julie. I read this article of yours about a month ago and have thought about it often this past month. Yesterday on my 52nd birthday I launched my blog to my little community of followers. While it’s not quite yet a well planned social marketing strategy, I am running straight ahead with a vision I have.

    You inspired me to create a hub for my spokes and I wanted to thank you. So . . . Thank you my friend!

  2. Julie Ziemelis November 20, 2017 at 1:28 pm #

    Thank you Patty!! I am just seeing this! I have see your blog and you are doing a great job!! So glad to have been an inspiration!! Makes me want to keep on writing and sharing! Got a new one for you…podcasting.

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