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Spreading Content Around Like Peanut Butter aka: Web Marketing

I always tell my clients that once you create any type of content; written, photography, video, etc, to share it far and wide on the internet and in the social media realm. Spread it around..yep, just like peanut butter!

When you spend the energy and effort to create original content, don’t let it just rest on your blog or on one social network. The more you get content out on a variety of channels, the more SEO you are generating and the more chance you have of getting your target audience to discover you and your blog/website for the first time.

Ideas and Apps/Sites to Distribute Your Content: 

-Written Content: Share links to your post on your Facebook profile, business page and Twitter account. Even if it’s business by nature, I preface my posts with “I took the time to create this and I hope you will read it and  help me share it with others you think may need this information.”

Depending upon the nature of the content, consider sharing it on Yelp, Google Places, FourSquare, and TripAdvisor and recommendation sites inherent to your business. You get  great SEO for putting up fresh content and even sharing your knowledge in the comments sections of other’s blog posts.

-Photos: Get an Instagram account and share your photos in real time. Take pics with your smartphone, doctor them up with the cool design features the app contains and send it out to Facebook, Twitter and your followers.

You can also take pictures of the menu, the entrees, the signage, your friends, etc when using FourSquare, a social geo-location recommendation site, which also feeds out to Facebook and Twitter, if you want to share. This is great if you work in the retail/hospitality/tourism/real estate business. It gives people the feeling that you are the local expert!


Video: Sharing on YouTube just got easier! It is so easy to create your own YouTube channel! As soon as you post a video to your account (which can easily be done when you shoot a short video and upload it from your smartphone) the link gets shot out through your Facebook account. Then when your friends view or share your video link, it shows up to THEIR friends and contacts when they log onto YouTube.  You can email the link to yourself and also place it on your Facebook business page and on Twitter.

I recently wrote a post about an adventurous day I had with my family on the Kohala Coast here in Hawaii on my 365Kona blog: I was able to post that to my “365 Things to Do in Kona” Facebook business page, my Facebook profile, on my Realtor TIps for New Media business page on Facebook as an example of a lifestyle post on and on TripAdvisor for the Puako Petroglyphs. I also took video while I was there, which I embedded into that post, but can still do more on YouTube with the six videos I shot.

I am writing a new post for a real estate client for first time homebuyers today and I will be getting that link out to the world to help them get more “Google Juice” and bring some more eyeballs to their site…because THAT’s what it’s all about in online marketing.

What is your favorite channel for distributing your content?

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