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Tips for Lifestyle/Real Estate Videos

If you have a teenager, like I do, they are watching videos from YouTube, with some pretty crazy/inventive/creative content, all the time. If you are marketing towards millennials,  photos and videos are key and they better be short and engaging. Walking through a home for sale for five minutes with your video running is not going to work with them and it’s definitely starting to lose its luster with us “older folks” too!

Since you are doing double time with your marketing; selling a home and selling yourself, do something unique. Tell a story around your listing using video or simply take a 30 second video of somewhere you are that is interesting and post it to Facebook, and use that link for a blog post. Realtors who show who they are using video make it easier for new clients to connect with them. Period. Take a look at this clever listing video by Nicole Nicolay.

Do you know why I know videos work? Because the videos on my 365 Things to Do in Kona FB page are now generating over 1500 views each! (The page has now grown to over 14,000 fans)   The videos are less than a minute in length showing the lifestyle in Hawaii with videos of restaurants, beaches, events, commentary on the traffic, etc.  They are shared copiously.

Real estate is ripe for video beyond inside the home. A big hit is drone footage, which we share on my 365 Kona page from a few local sources showing the town and local landmarks.  Remember to do an interesting lead in, too! My lead in, when I was doing videos myself in Kona and now that I am doing videos for my Facebook page, 365 Things to Do in South Lake Tahoe is this: “Good afternoon! Your 365 Things to Do In South Lake Tahoe moment comes from….” Then I tell them where I am and something interesting about what I am seeing and experiencing. (a blizzard in this case)  I use the hashtags #365KonaMoments #365SLT #365Kona on Instagram and Facebook, so anyone who likes my content can then search for more along the same lines.

Here is a video I did about Don’s Mai Tai bar, which garnered over 3,000 views.  By creating short videos like these, I created a following on my Kona page, the fans have gotten to know me and they trust me.

How do I know this is working for real estate? Because one of my Realtor clients had me put a link to his listing on my Kona page and he had over 1200 views that he tracked on his website coming in from my Facebook page. He has used my page for real estate listings (and I have used it for my friend’s listings, including my own, too) and have been able to track hundreds of views, sign ups for listing alerts and inquiry phone calls to the real estate office. So, yes, it works.


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