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Hawaii Marketing Hui

I am approached almost daily by readers of my blogs about my personal recommendations for things to do, stay, eat, play, buy and enjoy on the Big Island.

Let’s work together to expand your business opportunities using my influence and expertise!

I created a “Hawaii Island Marketing Hui” to help select small business owners:

 -Keep their marketing costs down

-Have a greater reach in a variety of publications, blogs, video news stories, and social media (including my own channels!)

 -Join a team of other local business owners

-Benefit from my expertise, influence, connections, and energy


365 Kona Network 

How many people do you know on the island with 18,000 fans on their lifestyle business page on Facebook? Beyond gaining attention in traditional media channels, members of the hui enjoy marketing opportunities in 365 Kona Network I have personally created at on the web,  365 Things to Do In Kona on Facebook, and Big Island Real Estate Minute, 365 Adventures and Big Island Business on YouTube.

Social influence
: I wrote the book, “How To Move to Kona” and sold hundreds of copies and have people telling me all the time that they read my book and that is why they moved here.  I have 4000 followers on Twitter, 1050 on Instagram, over 1000 in my personal Facebook network, and over 700 on LinkedIn. We also have over 300 dedicated members in Facebook groups for new residents and people considering a move here through the Facebook groups I created, “Kona Newbies” and “365 Kona’s I’m moving to the Big Island and buying a house!” I also have a newsletter list of over 450 people who are avid travelers to Hawaii and residents of Hawaii Island that I share upcoming events, new businesses, things to do, recent blogs., videos and recommendations. I am giving YOU access!

PR Opportunity: In my work as a public relations professional, I have helped get my clients publicity by using my connections and helping craft stories. Many journalists do not want to write a story around one business, as it appears to be advertising. The story right now is the lava and the story we can be part of is the resiliency of the Hawaii business community.

So, I will work to create news stories (and this hui will be presented to the HTA PR team) to get publicity and the businesses in the hui will receive exposure.

Member benefits: Simply Put

The key is working together as a group to share expertise and marketing expenses. So, let’s hui up and get you some exposure and business, shall we?

Here is what you receive if you are a member of the Hawaii Island Marketing Hui:

– Inclusion in 365 Kona network blog posts/Facebook posts, etc.

-Having your video/blog posts/stories shared in the Facebook groups for new residents and future residents

-A specialized video that will be released in the network and sent to you to use in your own marketing.

-Inclusion the DEALS page on the website

-Your company bio with video/deals write up sent to 450 people via newsletter

-Traditional public relations activity in researching and connecting with specialized press to obtain opportunities for members.

-When the opportunity arises, I will suggest your business to people inquiring about recommendations.

-I will introduce you to other business owners in the hui who can then expand your reach withing their sphere, as well.

Samples of Work

Here are some sample videos we can do to help you promote your business: Kona Natural Soap Company  TJ’s BBQ   Volcano Treehouse

Here are a variety of blog posts I have written to promote local restaurants, with many of these posts reaching over 2000 views.

Here is the DEALS page on my 365Kona site

And THAT’s NOT ALL!  A Perk-Masterminding 

To help us all assist each other as local business owners, I am also hosting monthly “Marketing Hui” meetings where we brainstorm, connect for opportunities, insights about marketing tools, what is going on in the market (thanks to lava and VOG right now) and we work to create ideas to go after PR opportunities. You can come in person, or join through Facebook Live.

Join The Hui!

I am only inviting a select group of passionate people to join this group to start with. People who are doing something innovative, exciting and creative to help Hawaii be a more incredibly vibrant place for visitors or residents.  Call me at 808-785-2898 or

I am requesting a monthly fee of only $150 to start and this price is available for the first 6 people to sign on for 6 months.  After 6 clients, the price goes to $200 for six months. If you have ever hired a marketing person, you know that is incredibly low for 20 years of marketing expertise and social media influence.  I know this idea will expand, so take advantage of it now, as we grow your business and all work together to make more income, valuable connections as we finish out 2018 and kill it in 2019!


Need some references?  Ask Cary Peterson, Kohala Burger and Taco, how much press he received with my services and how many events he took part in to expand his name recognition.  More on request!

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