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“Thanks, Rabbit”-Life Lesson About Setting The Pace

RunYourOwnRaceThis morning I went for a 2 mile trail run on Walua Road in Kona, Hawaii. I ran uphill for about a mile and then decided to turn around when I saw a woman of about my age approaching and figured I’d use her as my inspiration for a faster run on the way back down. So, I followed her at her pace for about 2 minutes and realized that I wanted to go at a faster pace. (Mostly to just be done as it was getting hotter as the morning wore on!)

So, I ran in front of her and just set my own pace all the way back to my car. As soon as I stopped and opened the door she ran past me and said, “Thanks, Rabbit!”

I knew exactly what she meant. I had set the pace for her. A faster pace then she was setting for herself alone. She used ME as the energy to pull her along faster. And it felt great that I did that for her and she acknowledged it.

How often do we set our own pace, run our own race and become the drive for others to run faster, better their game, learn new tools, dive a little further out? As that woman had used me to get a better work out, I was thinking about my own physical hero, Nicole Nicolay, who is training for an IronMan and what she has to do each day to get in shape so she can cross the finish line and hear that ultimate statement, “Nicole, you ARE an IRONMAN!”  She’s my pace setter. She influences me every time I get on a bike, run a hill or swim in the ocean. And she probably does not even know it.

We all have the ability to be the pace setter and look to others to set the pace. By being the best at your game, whatever game that is, you influence others to be better at theirs. There is an energy and ripple effect in that concept.

I wrote a short post on Facebook about this experience immediately after it happened and finished it by saying,  “Feeling Inspirational”.

Then the post failed. I got the feeling that I was supposed to write the message in a place where people could share it. (Intuition is a powerful thing on this island).

Game on.

Nicole at Ironman

Nicole Nicolay


5 Responses to “Thanks, Rabbit”-Life Lesson About Setting The Pace

  1. Nicole Nicolay September 17, 2013 at 10:07 am #

    <<>> Ah, Julie…you have no idea how you have INSPIRED ME! But I think that’s the best thing about “inspiration”. Most of the time I have no idea how my pace affects others. Whatever the speed…I just DO IT! And although I hear from time to time that my iron-journey has inspired others…I don’t always realize how or why. Because for me, I do what I do because it ignites the fire from within me. So THANK YOU for sharing your “how & why” with me…it fuels my fire even more…to push harder and live my dream to the fullest. The best kind of inspiration is reciprocal! Always moving forward…always paying it forward! xoxo

    • Julie Ziemelis September 17, 2013 at 10:58 am #

      Nicole-As always, you rock! 😉 People with passion are always an inspiration, I think. People are drawn to the fire of passion. I’d like to think that when you hear, “It’s their God given talent”, that perhaps there is an energy in this universe that is put into each of us to live life to its fullest so that we keep creating the energy that is needed to keep people doing their best. A circle of passion, you could say. Inspiration does not just flow downhill to others…it keeps coming back you point out that I inspire you, you inspire me, we inspire others. It’s a good feeling and I am glad we both have learned to set our own pace and just keep DOING IT every day. Good luck on your race at the Tahoe Ironman this weekend..I am sure you will ignite a few flames in others!

  2. Melissa Case September 17, 2013 at 11:15 am #

    This is a GREAT concept and I love the notion that we all, somehow, band together to help each other do more and do BETTER. Like Nicole says, I do what I do because doing it well makes me feel fantastic and makes me want to do more and better. But I watch others along the way, including you, and inspiration always seems to come just when I’m looking for it. With you, there is a constant flow of energy, enthusiasm, and positivity that even the lowliest curmudgeon couldn’t help but be ignited by. Thanks so much for sharing your post and your kind words earlier; that meant more to me than I can say. 🙂

    • Julie Ziemelis September 17, 2013 at 11:28 am #

      The world works in mysterious ways, Melissa. I think the message was supposed to go to the right people today..the spirit who (or is it whom? 😉 inspired me to write it kept bugging me..;-) So, glad that we are a group of women who live our passion and your God given talent as a feisty writer helps us all be better at communicating more effectively and with FIRE! YOU ARE MY RABBIT! 😉 Enjoy your week!

  3. Ellen Carter September 17, 2013 at 1:02 pm #

    Julie! This is GREAT inspiration! We all need rabbits and I’ll sharing thing with my sister friend Tami as she is my rabbit right now as you are online a good portion of the time. Intuition is a global thing I think but surely I too know that the vortex of energy is so very alive on the Island of Hawaii. Sharing! xoxo

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