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Once upon a dream: Female solidarity and empowerment

WomenEmpowerRemember when you grew up watching Disney fairy tales, you actually believed a prince in shining armor on a white horse was going to show up and rescue you from your life? Then you grew up, got married and realized YOU were the prince who showed up for yourself and your friends! And then you had little girls..and you watched the same movies with them..and thought to yourself…that’s just not right. Really.PrinceonaHorse

Did you see “Frozen”? Were you clapping in your heart when it was the SISTER that saved the day, not the dude? I felt the same way today watching Disney’s “Maleficent”, which contained the twist that secured female solidarity and empowerment into mainstream entertainment in the 2000’s.

Women helping and loving other women. What a concept, right? I don’t want to spoil the movie for anyone, but I was down right shocked when I saw the twist in the film. It just felt so absolutely right. Why can’t women be heroes to other women?

I recently helped a woman in peril. In that process, by helping the mom, the teenage daughter had a chance to see another woman step in to help out. I did not get to see that in my youth. The first time a woman stood up for me was when another sorority sister was angry because her boyfriend had been attracted to me. My friend Jennifer put her hand on my leg when I was about to get up and leave and she said, “you have every right to be here, too. Sit down.” She was my hero that day.
I am involved in a Power Women’s business group.   We share articles, encouragement and ideas and the over arching concept that by helping each other, we gain strength, professionally and personally. It’s a great place to share each other’s successes and ask questions. In fact, a member, Krisstina Wise, let us know that she had just launched a book, Falling for Money, to help women understand their finances and find personal financial success.

BerniceRossICSFThat’s the kind of empowerment women can bring to each other by sharing their personal stories, advice and the true spirit of wanting other women (and men!) to get ahead.

When you see a life transformed, not by marriage, or “love’s first kiss”, but by women standing together in support of one another’s talents and dreams, and yes, sometimes in the throes of a hard time, it’s an amazing thing. Imagine the knight riding up on the white horse is a woman, with a compassionate hug, sage advice, or an offer of a drink down at the local brew pub. And know she rocks just as much as a cute prince.


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