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Digital Marketing Solutions

There are four things that we focus on:

Connecting people




All four of these we have been able to tie together to help people get exposure, new customers and raving fans in their businesses using social media, public relations, and event planning.

Digital Marketing Strategy 

  • Work with you on capacity (current knowledge, time, financial resources) to run a successful digital marketing campaign and provide advice on tools that fit company goals.
  • Develop editorial calendar with content ideas specifically geared for the audience that the client is trying to engage.
  • Work with either existing staff on creating content or provide content for the client.
  • Coach client through utilizing the plan of action and provide feedback, training and encouragement along the way.
  • Assist in expanding social channel outreach and content based on ability to grow on existing success. (You have to learn to juggle well with three balls before you throw a fourth in!)

Websites we helped create using photography and written content:

BiCF KokoluluWebsite KonaCloudForest PointFinancial

Kona Cacao Association


We can help you hire a great website developer, work on the structure of the site based on your needs and create content. Let us help you!

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