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Digital Marketing Solutions

Digital Marketing Strategy 

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  • Work with client on their capacity (current knowledge, time, financial resources) to run a successful digital marketing campaign and provide advice on tools that fit company goals.
  • Develop editorial calendar with content ideas specifically geared for the audience that the client is trying to engage.
  • Work with either existing staff on creating content or provide content for client.
  • Coach client through utilizing the plan of action and provide feedback, training and encouragement along the way.
  • Assist in expanding social channel outreach and content based on ability to grow on existing success. (You have to learn to juggle well with three balls before you throw a fourth in!)


Web site development

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  • Assess client needs for their business goals to ascertain depth and breadth of website required.
  • Provide template, color palette and image ideas while working with client on content with impact.
  • Help client discover the best way to tell their story with images, content and simple design.
  • Provide coaching on web strategy for social sharing, blogging, e-commerce, and search engine optimization


Websites we have created:

BiCF KokoluluWebsite KonaCloudForest PointFinancial

Kona Cacao Association


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