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6 Things To Do For Middle Aged Adults in a Pandemic

I am not some marathon running pundit eager to pontificate on life to older people who’d rather be sitting on a couch watching Netflix, especially during a pandemic where jokes of the excruciating wait til wine-thirty are rampant or “the CoronaVirus 10” is jokingly discussed. Julie and Eric discover the joys of sitting under a […]

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Tourism – Bane or Boom?

Tourism has been on my mind lately. Seeing Moloka’i this weekend, with it’s decidedly ‘We are not going to be a tourist mecca and that’s that” flavor, and watching the hordes streaming onto rental car transportation busses at the Maui airport and being stuck in daily traffic along Alii Drive where everyone likes to cruise […]

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Courageous Acts in Daunting Times

Today is September 11th. Today everyone is asking each other on Facebook, “Where were you on the morning of September 11th when the World Trade Center Towers were hit?” Everyone over the age of 26 has some story, recollection or life shifting memory of that day. One memory I shared was of the image of […]

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15 Minutes – This is NOT a Drill

On Saturday, January 13th, as guests I had invited to join me on a whale watch in Kona were excitedly preparing to board the boat, my phone started shrilly sending out an alarm. We knew Civil Defense had already sent out a high surf warning via email and through the radio earlier in the day, […]

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Standing Up and Being Fearless

My daughter teaches me something about life just about every day. Right now, she is dealing with having a boy saying unkind things to her in front of her friend. She is upset that her friend does not stand up for her and tell the boy to stop it. I asked her, “Did you ask […]

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Tackling, Facing and Swinging Through Fear

Fear is a four letter word. So is risk. Throw in fail to the mix and you have a cocktail that makes your stomach churn. However, out of fear, risk and failure you have some of the most innovative and successful companies and leaders in the world. Sir Richard Branson recently wrote “My Letter to […]

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