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Three Things I Am Grateful For Today

I, along with my fellow Hawaii Island residents, are living through an “eruption event” that is now on its 33rd day.  33 days of not knowing what is going to happen next. Where will the lava turn? What will the SO2 levels be today?  Are the state agencies doing what they can to dispel the crazy lava headlines? Are we doing enough for the displaced residents?

Today, I realized I have some anxiety about not knowing when the air quality is going to improve, when tourists will be happily booking vacations and potential homebuyers will be using our referral services. In my worry this morning, I knew the only way out of the worry was to focus on the positive and what I LOVE about today and about living here. So, I used Facebook’s new “Write A Note” feature for business pages and just started sharing my thoughts on my “365 Things To Do in Kona” page.

When you can create content and get a cathartic experience, it’s a good day in digital marketing.

Three Things I Am Grateful for Today 

The Wind — As much as I complained about the wind when I first arrived in Waikoloa Village in September, I am now thankful for it as it brings fresh air that seems alive. And it keeps our skies blue. A color that most of us who moved here, love more than anything

The Ocean– Regardless of what is happening around the island, the ocean is a haven. A place to lie face up to hear the fish chomping happily on the coral reef and a place to get calm and float in gratitude for it immenseness and its ability to cradle the body.

The Energy-The island always has an energetic flow, but it really started to resonate more soundly with me in April. I felt amped up and I did not know why. My friends started saying they felt something was up and I kept hearing stories of animals being keyed up, as well. Then the earthquake..and then the eruption. Since then, there is an even more intense energy everyone is feeling-the feeling of expansion, awakening, change..of course, sadness and anxiety for the loss of properties and livelihoods and not knowing what is next.

A local friend wrote an astrology update that she sent to me yesterday when I posted a photo that she took of Green Lake in 2004 on Facebook and oddly enough she had used that exact photo for the update. It included that now is the time to get “earthy”. We are in epic times here and we are watching amazing things happen, like an entire bay being filled with lava to create a whole new coastline. Earth expansion. Soul expansion for many.
I have been working on a book about being called to Hawaii. It has taken MUCH longer than I thought to get published and I keep getting this intuitive feeling that something needed to happen before it could be released. I thought it needed more authors, and have been blessed with more stories to add. However, as with will coalesce and be released when it is ready. Much like the new land being formed here daily.
And so life continues on here..with the wind, the ocean and the energy. Hawaii Nei.
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