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Whitney Houston-A Lesson In Girl Power

Watching the eulogies and remembrances of celebrities and friends at Whitney Houston’s memorial service today showed me once again, that although Whitney was a “star”, she was just a woman, wondering if she looked good enough, sang good enough and deserved all the accolades hoisted upon her.

I remember the first time I heard and saw Whitney Houston. I was a sophomore in college in 1986. Her videos showed a woman on fire. She was two years older than I was and seemed to have so much going on in life already. I danced to her songs through the years and belted out “I Will Always Love You” to the boom box in my room aimed at a variety of failed relationships, I will admit. She was the soundtrack of my life, up until she seemed to have lost her way.

Hearing today of how she reached out and gave moral support to young black women artists who were making their way up the charts, was so inspirational. She was the kind of woman I respect. The one who will reach down to help another one up. She may have played the diva for the press, but offering all those young women the support and encouragement they needed to succeed and keep their heads up amongst all that pressure is pure professionalism and “girl power”.  Alicia Keys, Mariah Carey, Jordin Sparks, Monica, Brandy..they all had Whitney giving them encouragement.

So, in Whitney’s passing, I hope that one of her greatest traits will live among the women she helped to support, that they, too, will reach down and pull another artist up. I hope we all have an opportunity to do that for others. It truly is one of the gifts that God has given us all. Thanks to the women in my life that have “pulled me up” and to the others I help along the way. RIP Whitney.


2 Responses to Whitney Houston-A Lesson In Girl Power

  1. Shelley February 19, 2012 at 3:57 pm #

    You certainly captured the ” essence” of Whitney and all that she embraced. Thank you for recounting the fond memories of her music that was shared, many times over, for the women of our age.

  2. Marty Dean February 20, 2012 at 10:24 am #

    Beautifully done, Julie. thank you for sharing .I know as women,we must give support to one another when the divine appointment is presented to us. That is part of our love mission. Unconditionally, give it away and let the universe handle the details. blessings and aloha.

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