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5 Social Media Tips For Instant Engagement

Are you ready to go beyond the basics of “Start a Facebook business page” and “Update your Linkedin profile”?  Do you need a game plan of what to do next? Here are five tips to help you engage with your potential clients, stand out in social media and help save the world.

PageExplosion3651. Spread The Love-Take the time to go to the business page of someone you may wish to do business with, see what they have posted that is helpful, unique and can also help your fans, and share it on YOUR business page. The person who owns the business page will receive an alert that their post was shared by someone. They then come to YOUR page and see what you said about their post. While there, TipforEngagementthey get to see what you do, what you are about and will potentially like your page back. If you share enough of their content over time, they may start sharing your content on their page, as well. This is a great way to help create a connection to someone who you can then approach offline, as well. (see example with the mortgage company sharing a local Realtor’s information and adding more value by pulling out the salient points of the article for her readers.)

2. Create a Content Calendar: You are going to forget to keep your business page current with content. It happens. So, put it on your calendar the three things you are focusing on each week for your page. For my client, Hawaii Coffee Connections, I post three days a week. On Monday’s we focus on new products, Wednesday’s we post recipes and on Friday’s, we post “Aloha Friday” photos that routinely get shared by our fans, which interest their friends to come to our site to see what we are doing. We have grown the fan base of the page 100% in the past 18 months to over 2,000 fans. For my mortgage client, we are focusing on a day of curating content, a day of talking about upcoming community events and a day for touring with Realtors and putting the best “new listing” photos online.

3. Don’t Waste a Post– If you have taken the time to get information you want to share on Facebook, why not share on Linkedin and Twitter, as well? LinkedIn has become a social network, not just a place to look for jobs. Cut and copy your information and post it on LinkedIn, so a completely different demographic has access to your expertise and knowledge. If you connect your Facebook business page to Twitter, it automatically feeds out to that network, as well. (Add a hashtag # to the subject matter to make it easier to be found by Tweeps searching for information)

4. Get Creative-My “365 Things to Do in Kona” Facebook page keeps expanding as people share my photos and people are drawn back to my page, whSpencerSunsetere they like it. I use the photo app, “SnapSeed”, to boost the color, I sometimes us the app “Over” to write something across the top, and I use “Camera+” if I know I am taking a photo that could use a “clarity” boost. All these photo apps can be used to add creativity to your photos in an easy, quick and unexpected way to draw attention. Use these photo apps to make photos you use for your Instagram posts zing, too.

5. Be Charitable-If you are engaged in a doing something good for the community, financially support causes that are close to your heart and volunteer, let others know about the charity and how they can get involved, too. Not only does it make people see that you are giving back to your community, but you share information on behalf of the charity, as well..its a nice karma win-win and you are potentially helping to save the world. See how that works? #DoGoodAndShare


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