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Top 10 Rules of Social Media Engagement

I am working with a few small business owners who are brand new to social media marketing, so I wanted to share these basic rules of social media engagement to lay down the “ground rules”.

1. Give more than you take. (share your knowledge and contribute to the conversation.)

2. Respect (treat others as you wish to be treated-if you don’t like to be sold to, don’t sell)

3. Listen (by listening, you gain unfiltered feedback about your market)

4. Respond (when people leave comments, its polite to respond in a timely manner)

5. Build relationships (Community is built when you establish conversations, ask questions, etc)

6. Be authentic and transparent (Be honest, sincere, and most importantly, yourself)

7. Do not become a nuisance (Social media has rules about not spamming, selling, or being rude)

8. Collaborate (when you add your thoughts and expertise to the enviroment, you enhance it for all)

9. Consider opportunities in the long tail (find a specific niche within a larger target will likely find more success there..this is especially true as a REALTOR when you talk specifically about the cool things happening within the town or neighborhood you focus on serving)

10. Add Value (Contribute to the community by providing information, being a resource, answering questions and redistributing information)

11. This is my own: Consider karma. (The social media sphere is like a community of people who “get it” and work towards helping each other, providing value, a few laughs, and lots of information. The more you dive in, the more rewarding the interactions become!)

What would you include on this list?

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