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A Toast to the Butt Kickers, Risk Takers and Positivity Freaks

Today I had a chance to view a live discussion via Google Hangouts on BreveTV, the creation of my friend on Oahu, Kelly Mitchell. She was already doing a successful podcast via Agent Caffeine when she decided to launch into what essentially was like “The View” online. I had a chance to watch two other women I admire in the social media and real estate space, Katie Lance and Debra Trappen, both “on fire” consultants. They were interviewing their guest, Rebekah Radice,  the Manager of Industry Engagement for Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate and serves as “the voice” behind the brand. The four of them had a great time while discussing branding and social media. The butt kicking part was how they did it. Grasping the cool idea of using Google Hangouts as a place to produce a “show” via YouTube was fantastic, entertaining and informative. The show also encouraged engagement on Twitter, so people were merrily tweeting away during the show, too.

Another variation of this is “The Watercooler” a live web streaming discussion on topics revolving around the real estate industry and best business practices produced by Chris Smith and Jimmy Mackin. The two drink beer and encourage the viewers to drink along with them. Again, people chat about what they are seeing and hearing on Facebook and Twitter. They archive the video as a podcast that people can subscribe to. (In fact, they hit a cool milestone today of being number one in the top charts on podcasts on ITunes)

The fact that these butt kickers, risk takers and positivity freaks are using new media tools makes it BETTER FOR US ALL! We are now able to tune in and engage with ease, right from our own computers and connect with others who share the same interests as ourselves.

My business coach, Stephanie Beeby, is encouraging me to find a way to share my knowledge with a large audience. (Beyond the presentations I am doing in Kona and for my clients!)  I am not even going to pretend to compete with the likes of Kelly Mitchell and Chris Smith whose personalities are HUGE and made for podcasts, screen casts and the big stage. I want to carve out a space that people can find me sharing what I know about digital marketing, a variety of online tools and engagement ideas for real estate and small businesses. I now have a cool new tool to launch from. Give me until May, when I launch a new aspect of my business to cover website design with my new partner, Scott Schang. We are going to rock it and join the ranks of my industry friends who kick some ass, take some risks and always remain positive in the process.



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2 Responses to A Toast to the Butt Kickers, Risk Takers and Positivity Freaks

  1. Sean Carpenter March 12, 2013 at 8:41 am #

    Great post Julie. It’s a nice review of Kelly’s new show, Chris & Jimmy’s #Watercooloer and the new concept of “Web Shows.” I am sure that when you’re ready to jump into the mix that your show will be awesome too.

    Hope to see you soon.

    • Julie Ziemelis March 12, 2013 at 9:43 am #

      Thanks Sean! This is an exciting beginning to share interesting people doing interesting things, along with new ideas, applications, etc. I thinkI am going to have to dip my toe in the webshow arena!

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